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Corner Guards & Accessories

#Corner Guards

Corner Guards

Specially designed for large surgical and loaned trays, they will not flatten under heavy weight and protect wrap from puncturing tray feet. The extended edges ensure that the corner guards stay in place through sterilization, storage, and transport. Our unique resin material is latex-free and non-toxic. They can be reused multiple times and are less wasteful and more cost effective than single use solutions. They are also recyclable to further reduce environmental impact.

#Automated Dosing Pump

Automated Dosing Pump

Belimed’s system is programmable for precise dosing at the sink, while measuring temperature and storing data for regulatory documentation.



Belimed’s Proportioner System doses water and cleaning solution together for proper detergent dilution with manual cleaning.

#Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Belimed’s Wall Mount can hold two 2.5 gallon detergent bottles, or three 1 gallon detergent bottles and bottles are tilted to maximize pull from detergent probes.

#Spill Containment Mat

Spill Containment Mat

Belimed’s Spill Containment Mat is ideal for holding detergent bottles that are 5 gallons or larger and is specially designed to fit in smaller, narrow storage areas.