WD 290 IQ

WD 290 IQ

The WD 290 IQ washer-disinfector is the intelligent solution for instrument reprocessing in your CSSD. Equipped with high machine capacity and latest digital control technology.

Belimed WD 290 IQ – with integrated intelligence for safe reprocessing

It is the beating heart of safe, rapid and efficient reprocessing. The WD 290 IQ enables you to achieve perfect hygienic results, keep your costs under control and ease the burden on your staff.

  • Cleaning Performance

    • Safe, rapid and efficient reprocessing
    • Outstanding cleaning results
    • State-of-the-art dosing algorithms for the utmost precision and reliability, even with highly concentrated cleaning solutions
    • Adaptive Smart Fill process control for minimal resource consumption and lower costs throughout the life cycle
  • Intuitive Use

    • Modern user guidance for efficient and intuitive processes
    • Two separately functioning high-resolution touchscreens for efficient operating processes
  • Modular and Upgradable

    • Designed for the future of the CSSD
    • Designed for easy and quick upgrades, at any time
    • Our options offer planning security and anticipate the future
  • Seamless connectivity

    • Generation of up to two million data points provides valuable information
    • Relevant data is recorded by SmartHub
    • Digital system integration with Instrument Tracking Systems
    • Easy to use dashboard, displayed on a large monitor
Versatile, user-friendly and powerful. The WD 290 IQ is the centerpiece of any high performing CSSD.