WD 290 IQ

WD 290 IQ

The WD 290 IQ washer-disinfector is the intelligent solution for instrument reprocessing in your CSSD. Equipped with high machine capacity and latest digital control technology.

Belimed WD 290 IQ – Intelligence, intuitive use and performance in a modular, upgradeable washer/disinfector

When available space, easy-to-use intuitive interface, data collection and analysis, as well as integration for future needs, are important decision-making criteria, the WD 290 IQ washer / disinfector is the undeniable solution.

  • All-around Performance

    • Precise flowmeter or time-based dosing, effective with all detergents and lubes
    • Low impingement Gentle Cycle for delicate instrument sets
    • Automatic Smart Fill for each cycle step minimizes water and detergent use
    • Thermal Rinse pre-heater option shortens cycle time
  • Intuitive Use

    • Large, dual touchscreens developed with today’s familiar look and feel
    • Large, easily visible status indicator
    • Rack recognition starts the correct cycle, automatically
  • Modular and Upgradable

    • Designed for future add-ons such as automation, sterile filter, or detergent pump modules
    • Flexible design allows for quick and easy upgrades as your needs change
  • Seamless connectivity

    • Collects millions of data points each cycle for dashboard and analytics use with SmartHub
    • Shares cycle information with Instrument Tracking Systems through Belimed SmartHub