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Planning & Design

Diverse needs, objectives and spatial constraints necessitate customized solutions. Our planning & design team can support you from detailed analysis to full installation.

Planning & Design Expertise

For decades, Belimed has been providing planning and organizational advice and support to hospitals and CSSD service providers, as well as their technical designers and architects. We can also manage the entire design process, including three-dimensional spatial planning and visualization.

See the big picture and the flow of your new CSSD.

Planning Support

To plan CSSD facilities for consistent levels of utilization, as well as design the requisite equipment and sterile supply logistics, we use the actual, planned throughput of sterile supplies as a basis. Consequently, floor plans, work processes and material flow can be determined together with the customer. If necessary, we can also generate the relevant two- or three-dimensional construction plans.The customer decides on the scope of the services we provide.

Site Assessment

Calculate current capacity and throughput to identify and eliminate future bottlenecks.

Critical Events Timeline

Identify the key steps and timelines to eliminate costly project delays.

3D Renderings

See the big picture and the flow of your new CSSD.


Analyze the design, capacity, and workflow to optimize equipment selection and personnel needs.

Photo-Realistic Renderings

Visualize your new CSSD in lifelike images.


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