WD 290 IQ

Ready for the Future

As Engineers of Confidence, we are constantly looking to develop new technology and improve our equipment and services for our customers. With our exciting new features to our flagship product, the WD 290 IQ Washer-Disinfector, as well as our game changing digital application, SmartHub, the future of CSSD has never looked brighter.

The new WD 290 IQ
The intelligent washer-disinfector is the heart of every high-performing CSSD. Safe, fast and efficient reprocessing leads to outstanding hygienic results. Now we made our flagship product even better - with intelligent innovations that reduce costs and make work easier for your and your staff.
First-class cleaning performance

First-class cleaning performance

  • Safe, fast and efficient reprocessing in combination with intelligent process systems leads to perfect cleaning results.
Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation

  • The combination of touchscreen user interface and state-of-the-art process control makes operation efficient. In addition, the operator retains an overview at all times.
Modular and future-proof

Modular and future-proof

  • Thanks to its modular and flexible design, the WD 290 IQ can be adapted to changing customer needs, even for machines that are already installed.
Seamless connectivity

Seamless connectivity

  • With its wealth of sensor data and seamless connection to the SmartHub, the WD 290 IQ delivers tomorrow's technology today.

Intuitive user experience

Two doors, two screens, unparalleled efficiency. The WD 290 IQ always focuses on the user. Two large touchscreens and the intelligent control system perfectly adapt the WD 290 IQ to your needs.

More intelligence for lower costs

15% WD 290 30% WD 290 IQ with Smart Fill 55% WD 290 IQ with Smart Fill and storage tank

Minimal consumption of cleaning solutions

When you use less water, you need less chemical, and this also results in significantly lower costs.

DI water for multiple use

Clean and still “disinfected” DI water from thermal disinfection is stored in the process tank and can be used for rinsing during the next wash cycle, saving up to 40 liters per cycle.

Saving water with Smart Fill

Our Smart Fill technology cuts water consumption by up to 50 liters per cycle, by automatically adapting fresh and DI water quantities for each load.

Digitalize your CSSD with SmartHub

SmartHub is a software that secures all relevant cycle data that is captured in real time from any Belimed Machine to be further progressed. The new onsite Dashboard gives you full transparency on the status of each wash program at its current state; and it will pave your way to a fully digital CSSD.

Everything at a glance
The SmartHub Dashboard offers simple transparency and shows you the most important details of your Belimed machines at a glance.
SmartHub on Screen

Compatible with your ITS

SmartHub helps to report the completion of a washcycle by delivering batch files that are proven to work with the most common Instrument Tracking Systems.

Convenience in every way

A pdf file with all batch information is generated after each cycle. Archive it or print it out. Just as it is most convenient for you.

Your gateway to cloud

Digitalize your CSSD to enable your Belimed equipment to directly communicate with the end user - anytime and anywhere.

What our customers say

Belimed's products are great and I am happy that I can help define the digital products and also evaluate them afterwards.
Denise Brinkerhoff, ACC Sterile Processing Manager, US

SmartHub on Monitor

Being part of a critical infrastructure, cybersecurity is our utmost priority. Belimed has developed the Connect software products inspired by IEC 82304-1 (health software) standards and every development stage undergoes in-depth and extensive testing.

We identify the security capabilities required for appropriate protection based on security level SL-T 2 of IEC 62443-4-2. Security-related issues occurring in the field are recorded in Belimed’s CAPA tool and handled according to Belimed’s corporate CAPA guidelines.

Belimed maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 13485.

While Belimed SmartHub does not process any patient or operator data, we provide the option of encrypting communication within the hospital as well as the outside world. Personally identifiable operator data in the context of further connectivity services is only processed on the explicit demand of the healthcare provider. As a data processor, Belimed follows the GDPR requirements.