With Belimed Connect we provide a suite of quality software solutions that result in true added value for you, your staff and your patients.

Connectivity – Belimed Connect

Digitalization is a driving force behind innovation in the reprocessing of medical devices - and this doesn’t stop at the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). Belimed’s SmartHub is more an interface between any Belimed equipment and any Instrument Tracking System. SmartHub provides you with reliable real time data from the machine for a variety of use cases, such as paperless quality documentation or diagnostics. Whether the data is stored within the machines, exported to our SmartHub dashboard or analyzed – it means you and your resources can focus on your core business.



SmartHub is an on-premises software which secures that all relevant machine data is captured in real time from any Belimed Machine to be further processed. It also allowes for smooth integration to any Instrument Tracking System. But SmartHub is more than just a connection - it will pave your way to a fully digital CSSD. read more

Digital ecosystem

The CSSD is part of a critical process in the hospital, as any surgical intervention depends on reprocessed sterile instruments. In order to ensure full tracking of the state of any instrument, three different systems and their data work together to ensure smooth operation and a seamless exchange of data.

Washer and sterilizer machine data

  • Cycle data (C, M, K Files), sensor data, resource data (e.g. water)
  • KPIs (e.g. A0), personnel (operator), process efficacy (cleaning/sterilization)
  • Alarms

Instrument tracking with tracker data

  • Sieves & instrument data (time, place, article)
  • OR integration
  • Base data, persona (who operates it)
  • Compliance / servicing, Cycle approval
  • OR planning system

    • Planning of operations (time, date, duration, instrument types
    • Assign requested instruments to the operation and track them
    • Reporting

Turning data into insights

Belimed machines have a long history of connecting to data, and millions of our datapoints have already found their way into insightful charts for our hospital customers. This is where Belimed is continuing its journey to provide this data in the near future to modern industrial IoT platforms for our CSSD managers. This will allow our customers to take full control of their data and optimize their CSSD operations.

It starts with the equipment

It starts with the equipment

Belimed’s washer-disinfectors and sterilizers produce up to two million data points per cycle, including program selection, chemical dosing quantities, temperature, water volumes, times and water conductivity.


SmartHub is a software which runs on the customer’s premises and ensures that all relevant data is captured in real time from any Belimed machine to be further processed, either by any Instrument Tracking System or in a simple PDF file. The next level of transparency for your machine data is provided in an onsite dashboard, which shows the duration of the wash programs and their stages.


SmartHub is more than just a connection, it will pave your way to a fully digital CSSD.
What does IoT mean for our customers?
Philippe Heim
Global Head of Digitalization, Belimed

What does IoT mean for our customers?

IoT is changing the way we live, travel and do our shopping. It also impacts the way we run our business. At Belimed, the industrial IoT will ensure your CSSD managers can stay connected with Belimed machines at all times, wherever they are. Belimed has numerous different use cases, which will enable our customers to optimize their operations. Be it with help for troubleshooting, alarm management or simply improving sustainability to become fully paperless. Are you looking for your smart CSSD and want to get ready for the future? Join our industrial IoT journey at Belimed, and we'll show you the way.


Being part of a critical infrastructure, cybersecurity is our utmost priority. Belimed has developed the Connect software products inspired by IEC 82304-1 (health software) standards and every development stage undergoes in-depth and extensive testing.

We identify the security capabilities required for appropriate protection based on security level SL-T 2 of IEC 62443-4-2. Security-related issues occurring in the field are recorded in Belimed’s CAPA tool and handled according to Belimed’s corporate CAPA guidelines.

Belimed maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 13485.

While Belimed SmartHub does not process any patient or operator data, we provide the option of encrypting communication within the hospital as well as the outside world. Personally identifiable operator data in the context of further connectivity services is only processed on the explicit demand of the healthcare provider. As a data processor, Belimed follows the GDPR requirements.