More Value

More Value

Your success matters to us. You can count on Belimed Services to provide you with total support and multiple options so you can focus on running your CSSD.

Getting the most out of your CSSD

Are your machines operating efficiently? Is your reprocessing or production facility operating at peak performance? Do you have your energy costs under control? These are just a few of the challenges that our customers face every day. With our Value Added Services Belimed provides support and assistance to manage your facility and ensure that your operational and performance goals are achieved.

Performance Optimization

Wellness Checks by Belimed technicians provide a detailed assessment of your equipment, including an itemized list of recommended parts and recommendations to bring your machine back to design specifications.

Migration Solutions

Belimed’s infection control equipment ensures reliable and compliant reprocessing even in harsh environments and where machines are in constant operation. However, even the most modern machines change their performance over time, which increases the risk of incorrect reprocessing. For systems that have been installed for many years, we provide audits, machine optimization and migration solutions with one goal in mind - to prevent unwanted downtime

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management ensures your machines and their components are continuously up-to-date and are optimized over the entire life of the facility. The Belimed life cycle policy outlines how we will continue to support customers as we phase-out or migrate older machines with newer technologies, for higher performance. For systems that have been installed for many years, Belimed provides performance audits, machine optimization and migration solutions.