Service Plans

Service Plans

Belimed provides a range of flexible service plans designed to keep your equipment running. From preventive maintenance and repairs, to all-inclusive packages.

Flexible and Transparent Service Plans

Belimed Prevent offers our customers a choice of standardized, flexible, easily measurable service plans which helps to ensure that preventive maintenance is performed at regular intervals, and that corrective maintenance is provided in a timely and cost-contained fashion, preventing the possibility of unexpected downtime and high maintenance costs.

Even when the facility does have in-house maintenance personnel, Belimed equipment usually requires expert knowledge and tools that the local technicians probably do not have. Service contracts using Belimed service specialists show clear cost savings and a significant drop in downtime, compared with 3rd party or in-house technicians.

PREMIUM | Full-Service Plan

The Belimed PREMIUM plan helps customers to plan and budget operating costs within critical facilities. Highly recommended for machines with high operation and where the downtime of the facility must be avoided.

STANDARD | Cycle-Based Preventative Maintenance Plan

Our STANDARD service package is ideal for machines with medium to high operation. For customers who require high reliability of their machines and backup support when needed.

ECO | Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan

ECO is designed for machines with low to medium operation and for customers who require occasional expert support for their own in-house service and maintenance staff.

Maintenance Plans