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Global Sourcing

Specialized in delivering medical and surgical instrument sterilization, disinfection and cleaning products and services, we are continually looking for the best product materials and service providers for these segments.

Global Sourcing Team

Suppliers are an important part of every successful business. We have over 15,000 active products in our portfolio from over 1,300 direct and indirect suppliers from all over the world. Our goal is for our products to be made of high-quality, cost-competitive and sustainably produced materials. Sustainability is not only our goal, but an urgent imperative for the entire world. We are continuously looking for ways to develop long-term partnerships to improve all Belimed production locations and spare parts distribution.

Did you know?

We work with our suppliers in a socially responsible manner, striving to optimize economic benefits through decreasing total cost of ownership of our machines. We adhere to high quality standards. We demand various certificates for our products and raw materials, such as ASME, EN 10204 3.1, EN 10204 3.2, FDA, USP class VI and ADI free.

Become a Supplier

We are always on the lookout for new supplier partners globally. If you’re passionate about what you do and would like to become a supplier, then take a look at our supplier requirements and start your journey with us. Our global sourcing team is ready and waiting to receive your e-mail on global.sourcing@belimed.com

Product Categories

#Raw Material and Fittings

Raw Material and Fittings

We buy stainless steel products such as sheet metal (at our Grosuplje plant we process about 2 tons of sheet metal daily), tubes, rods, fittings and welding wire. These are essential parts in terms of purchasing volume and visibility, therefore we require the best quality performance and corresponding inspection certificates from our suppliers.

#Electronic Parts

Electronic Parts & Sensors

Every product needs: cable harnesses, PCB and HMI, sensors, electrical cabinets and standard electrical components. These active components allow our equipment to run safely, efficiently and intelligently.

#Metal Drawing Parts

Metal Drawing Parts

We use over 9,000 diverse materials to make Belimed products, which are supplied by over 60 partners globally. The materials include sheet metal, turned, milled and wire parts, pipes, springs and castings.

#Other Drawing Parts

Other Drawing Parts

We deliver unique products, therefore ’other drawing parts’ are manufactured according to Belimed’s technical drawings. Plastic and rubber parts, sealings and insulation materials, glass and packaging are of utmost importance to us.

#Catalog Parts

Catalog Parts

We buy about 12,000 active standard parts, such as pumps, valves, heaters, heat exchanger, filters and ventilators, a huge variety of tubes and hoses, pneumatics, measuring technology and others. For certain parts, FDA or ASME certifications and an A-test are requested.

#Finished Goods

Finished Goods

Belimed has a versatile product portfolio, which includes detergents, table-top sterilizers, trolleys, and other workflow components and automation parts. They are either manufactured and branded by supplier (OEM) or manufactured by supplier and branded for Belimed and sold to customers and distributors. We are open to new forms of collaboration.