Maximum safety and efficiency with Belimed washer-disinfectors.

Belimed Washer-Disinfectors

Maximize safety and efficacy for patients and staff with washers-disinfectors from Belimed. A variety of sizes and load capacities meet a wide range of needs and smart engineering means better use of resources, streamlined workflow and stringent disinfection. Belimed washers use an optimized volume flow, low impingement approach to ensure that the items to be cleaned are thoroughly soaked – giving you deep, consistent cleaning action.

  • WD 290 IQ

    WD 290 IQ

    The WD 290 IQ washer-disinfector is the intelligent solution for instrument reprocessing in your CSSD. Equipped with high machine capacity and latest digital control technology. read more
  • WD 290

    WD 290

    The WD 290 is ideal for your large SPD, where consistent performance, high throughput and efficiency will enable your department to meet the increasing processing and productivity demands of today and the future. read more
  • WD 250

    WD 250

    The well-engineered WD 250 washer-disinfector efficiently processes instruments, containers and accessories with its unique high-volume, low-pressure water circulation system. read more
  • WD 200

    WD 200

    Space-saving, fast, reliable and easy to operate: the Belimed WD 200 washer-disinfector with manual hinged glass doors offers excellent cost-performance ratio. read more