Workflow Products

Workflow Products

Beyond sterilizers and washers-disinfectors, additional equipment like warming and drying cabinets, sinks and packing workstations complete a facility’s sterile processing workflow and contribute to superior infection control practices.

Workflow Products

Belimed offers a full range process support solutions for the SPD and OR. Ergonomic processing sinks and prep & pack workstations, as well as flow-improving drying cabinets are available for the SPD, as well as scrub sinks and warming cabinents for the OR.

  • Open and Closed Case Carts

    Open and Closed Case Carts

    Case carts provide secure, standardized, instrument transport between the OR and SPD. Belimed offers both durable closed case carts for secure instrument transport, as well as maneuverable and high visibility open carts, in a wide range of sizes. read more
  • Processing Sinks

    Processing Sinks

    A robust lineup that accommodates a wide variety of workflows and processing steps. Available in ergonomic height-adjust configurations to reduce clinician strain and improve departmental productivity. read more
  • Prep and Pack Workstations

    Prep and Pack Workstations

    Belimed’s Prep and Pack workstations are designed to promote efficient ergonomic inspection, assembly, and packaging of instruments and utensils. read more
  • Scrub Sinks

    Scrub Sinks

    Scrub sinks, and good scrub-in procedure, are the hospital’s first line of defense against HAI’s. Belimed’s robust scrub sinks are available in single through triple-bay configurations, as well as compact and full sized versions. A full range of water and soap control options are also available. read more
  • Warming Cabinets

    Warming Cabinets

    A wide range of robust and modern units, with sizes and configurations for use in both the OR and the sterile core. read more
  • Pass-Thru Windows

    Pass-Thru Windows

    Belimed Pass-Thru Windows help to maintain high quality separation between decontamination and clean ares of the SPD. read more