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Prep and Pack Workstations

Designed to meet the challenges of a busy SPD and maximize productivity with employee well-being


Belimed Prep and Pack ergonomic workstations promote efficient inspection, assembly, and packaging of instruments and utensils. These modular design tables are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Designed with clinician comfort and safety in mind, our prep and pack ergonomic workstations are ideal for a variety of instrument processing tasks.


The Prep and Pack workstations are distinguished by the following features:



  • Height adjustment and modular accessories offering ergonomic benefits to suit individual user needs.
  • Work surface height adjustable from 28 Inches to 44 Inches for seated and standing clinician heights.
  • Easy push-button height adjustment for the powered version
  • Available in 48 Inch, 60 Inch & 72 Inch widths, and 30 Inch and 36 Inch work surface depths
  • Solid-core Seam-welded Stainless Steel Tops
  • Knee-friendly Cantilevered Frame
  • Tool-free Accessory Adjustment
  • Widest range of storage, lighting, PC & power support, and organizational aids
  • UL-recognized Drive Components



  • Storage Drawers and Stainless Steel Shelving Options
  • Articulating Flat Panel Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Pad Mounting Arm
  • CPU Under the Counter Mounting Bracket
  • Printer Cart
  • Magnetic Whiteboard
  • Steel Pegboard
  • Horizontal Power Bar and Mount
  • Tool Support Options
  • Large, LED Ring Magnifier and Overhead Lights
  • Free-standing Footrest