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SmartHub is the connectivity solution for Belimed surgical reprocessing equipment.

SmartHub generates equipment cycle reports and interfaces with a 3rd party instrument tracking system, while also providing you access to monitor your SPD equipment remotely. With a continuously growing feature list for that creates value for all functions within your department, SmartHub is the go-to solution for getting your CSSD digital.


A gateway towards a Smart CSSD

Your sterile processing equipment is smart! Belimed’s sterile reprocessing equipment produce up to two million data points per cycle like program selection, chemical dosing quantities, temperature, water volumes, operating times, water conductivity, etc. Some of this data is used to create the regulatory cycle reports while other performance data is lost. A Smart CSSD focuses on utilizing this 'dark data' to learn more about machine behavior, identify trends and take actionable decisions. Belimed has developed a cloud-based software that uses this data to provide our customers with a variety of value-added applications.

SmartHub ensures that all relevant cycle and machine data is captured in real-time from compatible Belimed machines.

SmartHub has two distinctive components; SmartHub Connect and SmartHub Orbit. Together, these applications allow you to tap into the full potential of your equipment to get valuable insights and make data driven decisions.

SmartHub Connect - Your Data Turntable

SmartHub Connect - Your Data Turntable

SmartHub Connect resides on-premise within your hospital network. It extracts cycle and equipment performance data from your Belimed equipment. It processes the cycle reports and interfaces with your third party instrument tracking systems, contributing to the regulatory workflow. In addition to this, SmartHub Connect features a visual dashboard interfaces that highlights important equipment information to the CSSD staff, keeping them always updated on status updates, remaining cycle times and cycle errors. Beyond its day-to-day application in the CSSD, SmartHub Connect streams the equipment data to our cloud application SmartHub Orbit.

SmartHub Orbit - The CSSD in your Pocket

SmartHub Orbit - The CSSD in your Pocket

SmartHub Orbit is our web-based application that turns your machine data into insights and value to drive efficiencies higher in your department. All relevant machine data, cycle statuses and much more can be accessed on any device, from anywhere, at any time. The complex data processing happens behind the scenes of a very simplified and easy to use web interface.


Always in Control - Anytime and Anywhere

The top priority for every CSSD manager is to ensure that all cleaning and sterilization processes are working properly and that every operation can be performed with maximum safety.

With the innovative SmartHub Orbit web application, all equipment can be monitored in real time. In this video, Mario Rocha Sampaio, Head of Central Sterilization at the renowned Schulthess KliniK in Zurich, Switzerland, demonstrates how SmartHub supports him in his daily work, allowing him to manage his department better and more efficiently.

#Complete Cyber Security

Complete Cyber Security

As medical device manufacturers, we ensure that our new devices and solutions are effective and secure against cyber-attacks while remaining easy to use.

As part of critical infrastructure, cybersecurity is our top priority. At Belimed we have developed the Connect software products based on the IEC 82304-1 standard (health software) and every development step is comprehensively tested according to the agile test quadrants from Crispin/Marick. This includes device and component tests, automated function tests, simulation, and performance tests as well as manual tests in a real device environment.

SmartHub Topology

SmartHub is more than just a connection – it will pave your way to a fully digital CSSD.

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Digital transformation is a fundamental reality for any businesses today. Belimed Connect provides a suite of quality software solutions that result in true added value for you, your staff, and your patients. It is time to digitalize your CSSD.