SmartHub Orbit

Full control with SmartHub Orbit

With your CSSD now connected to the Cloud, Belimed provides additional resources that help you maximize the efficiency of your CSSD to give you more control than ever. All relevant Belimed machine data is transmitted in real-time to the device of your choice and provides the management of the CSSD with an overview of the desired information.

What are the advantages of SmartHub Orbit?

Reduce downtime

If an incident has occurred during the night (e.g. a machine defect), a member of the CSSD team can be informed at home and can reach the CSSD at the earliest opportunity, if necessary, to rectify the problem as soon as possible, thus minimizing any downtime. Questions from the on-site team can also be answered outside the CSSD at any time by using data access.

24/7 information at your fingertips

Although CSSD processes are very robust and clear, inevitably things happen. SmartHub Orbit offers CSSD managers peace of mind by ensuring they are always well informed. E-Learning and troubleshooting Thanks to the integrated training modules, a well-trained team is at your disposal at all times. The troubleshooting module also provides the ability for machines to be brought back into operation without outside assistance.

Go paperless

All documentation is digitally archived and easily accessible through SmartHub. This saves time and is more environmentally friendly. (Feature available in Spring 2022).

Batch management

Batch documents are always stored and can be easily viewed or exported as CSV or PDF files.

Multisite capabilities

SmartHub Orbit provides an overview of all CSSDs in a hospital chain, both inside and outside the hospital, thus saving time needlessly spent going to each CSSD separately.