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SmartHub Orbit

With SmartHub Orbit all relevant machine data and cycle statuses can be accessed on any device, from anywhere, at any time. This gives CSSD managers full control and will transform the way they work.

Full control with SmartHub Orbit

With your CSSD now connected to the Cloud, Belimed provides additional resources that help you maximize the efficiency of your CSSD to give you more control than ever. All relevant Belimed machine data is transmitted in real-time to the device of your choice and provides the management of the CSSD with an overview of the desired information.

SmartHub Orbit Plans

SmartHub Orbit customers can choose between a core and an advanced package, both of which offer diverse functionalities (see below). Choose the one that suits your needs best here.

SmartHub Orbit Free Trial

To check out the benefits of SmartHub Orbit and experience, how it can benefit CSSDs, you can request a free, time-limited demo access below.

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SmartHub Features

We are continuosly developing our digital solutions for smart CSSDs. The list of our latest new features avaliabe for a cloud application SmartHub Orbit, including short videos, is avaliable below.

Troubleshooting videos

SmartHub Orbit comes with troubleshooting videos, which means that CSSD staff can react quickly to error messages in real-time. When a message appears on a machine, SmartHub Orbit displays the error code, an info text and, depending on the error, also a troubleshooting video. The step-by-step guidance means you can confidently resolve the error message on the machine.



More uptime

Regardless of where you are, you can have your CSSD in your ‘pocket’ with SmartHub Orbit. The web application shows what is happening with the machines in real time and even provides information in the event of incidents. This provides managers of CSSDs with an overview and control that ensures all cleaning and sterilization processes are working properly and that every operation is performed safely.


Always up-to-date

E-learning is a great way to keep employees up-to-date and to ensure everyone understands the machines on which they are working. Thanks to the Belimed E-learning materials available in SmartHub Orbit, each employee can be trained at a unique pace, thus enabling the training process to take place at a more rapid pace, while the induction process for new employees in CSSDs is standardized. This saves time for managers of CSSDs in organising, coordinating and conducting training.



Go Paperless

With SmartHub Orbit, batch documentation is digitally archived and easily accessible, including batch documents that can be easily viewed or exported as CSV or PDF files. These important documents are always available and can be viewed from anywhere through the web application. This saves time and is more environmentally friendly.



A manual just 2-clicks away

Searching for the right information in dusty, thick folders is a thing of the past. SmartHub Orbit customers need only click twice to gain access to the correct machine manual. All machine information – functions, options and help – can now be found in the respective operating instructions directly in SmartHub Orbit!

Overview of multisite CSSDs

SmartHub Orbit provides all information to all CSSDs in its own hospital chain. This new feature across the entire hospital chain enables comparisons in utilization, capacities, downtimes and many other key figures in various CSSD locations. All the E-learning material is also available to all CSSDs. This multisite function offers CSSD managers the possibility of addressing possible bottlenecks as well as making improvements.