SmartHub Orbit KPIs


Every minute in the CSSD needs to be spent smart. SmartHub Orbit is a guarantee for more uptime and significant savings, thanks to the smart search function, paperless work and helpful analytics. But that's not all. Check out the other KPIs and see how SmartHub Orbit can benefit your CSSD.


More Uptime

We are aware that every second and every minute counts in CSSDs. Did you know that with SmartHub Orbit you get full transparency of your CSSD? With the new state-of-the-art features, which offer a 100% overview of your CSSD system, you can optimize workflow and collaborate better. You have to admit it sounds pretty awesome, right?!


Less Effort, more Productivity

Why is alarm ’management’ important in your CSSD? Because it means more productivity. In SmartHub Orbit you can directly view and analyze alarm information and react. In each case, the alarm is displayed with a time stamp, batch number and associated troubleshooting video.


Work Smarter

Arguably the biggest advantage of digital manuals is that the information required is always up to date and just one click away. This also saves up to 10 minutes per case by searching the manual directly online in SmartHub Orbit. In addition, digitalized manuals are simple to use and provide valuable answers within minutes.


Sustainability is key

Sustainability is the answer to saving our blue planet, and your CSSD can help. Did you know that with digitalization offered by SmartHub Orbit, you not only save office space due to digitalized machine manuals and batch reports, but also water used for growing trees, and money? If a paper folder on average costs 8 $, with digitalization you can save up to 1,550 $ a year just on paper. The smart search is priceless!