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SmartHub Analytics

Simplified data visualization

SmartHub Orbit provides you with visual insights and analytics that are easy to understand and act upon.


Going Beyond Cycle Data

SmartHub logs performance metrics and diagnostic data from your Belimed machines.

We use this equipment data to provide you visual information on machine lifetime, service milestones, utilization, uptime, alarm and error trends. These analytics allow you to be proactive and plan schedule downtimes for maintenance when needed.



Our analytics assist you with visual view of your machine data, allowing you to;

  • Compare overall metrics across all your machines in the department.
  • Anticipate downtimes and plan scheduled maintenance based on usage.
  • Isolate facility related issues and identify mitigation plans.
  • Observe equipment usage and utilization.
  • Analyze historical alarm data trends to identify specific parts issues.
  • Observe and trend processing capacity of your machines on a regular interval.
  • And much more!

SmartHub Orbit Plans

SmartHub Orbit customers can choose between a core and an advanced package, both of which offer diverse functionalities (see below).

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