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Scrub Sinks

Good scrub-in procedures are the hospital’s first line of defense against HAIs. Belimed’s easy-to-use, durable scrub sinks are available in single, double, and triple-bay configurations, as well as compact and full-sized versions to fit into the hospital OR and an ASC. A full range of water and soap control options are also available.


Our Surgical Scrub Sinks are designed to assure aseptic procedures can be achieved, whether using count stroke or timed scrub methods. These are available in two versions – standard or full-sized version and compact or economy version. The standard version comes in three different size configurations – single (32” W), double (64” W), and triple (96” W) bay options.



The Scrub Sinks are distinguished by the following features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Polished and Ground to a #4 finish
  • Deep Sloping Basin
  • Adjustable Thermostatic Controlled Pressure Regulating Mixing Valve, One Per Station
  • Check Stop Strainers for Ease of Maintenance
  • Standard Backflow Preventers
  • High Mount Swivel Gooseneck Spout with Adjustable Swivel Spray Aerator


  • Knee Kick, Infra-Red (IR), or Combination Options with Manual Bypass for Activating Water and Soap
  • Infrared Sinks are equipped with a 24-volt Plug-in Transformer
  • Splash Screen Dividers with Double and Triple Station Sinks
  • Main Support and Z-brackets (In-wall Support Optional)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Polished and Ground to a #4 finish
  • UL Listed


  • Digital Scrub Timer
  • Eyewash with Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Pedestal Base
  • In-Wall Chair Carrier
  • Laminar Flow Faucet
  • Shelf above Sink with or Without Light
  • Detergent Wall Mount

Scrub Sinks: Full-Sized

#Scrub Sink SS32

Scrub Sink SS32

#Scrub Sink SS64

Scrub Sink SS64

#Scrub Sink SS96

Scrub Sink SS96

Scrub Sinks: Compact

#Scrub Sink ES25

Scrub Sink ES25

#Scrub Sink ES47

Scrub Sink ES47