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Pretreatment Foamer

Belimed Protect® Pretreatment Foamer

Our new Pretreatment Foamer is designed to easily and ergonomically apply Belimed Protect® Pretreatment to surgical instruments. The foamer includes a unique cart for mobility and two wands, one for general trays and one for cannulated instruments.

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Standard Features

  • The Pretreatment Foamer allows for ergonomic application for staff, resulting in better compliance for pretreating instruments
  • Two Application Wands – one for general instruments and one specially designed for cannulated instruments
  • Triple the coverage of manual spraying in the same application time
  • The foam created from the Pretreatment Foamer minimizes aerosolization
  • The cart design holds 1 gallon or 2.5 gallon container sizes, which is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than traditional manual spray bottles

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