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Drying Cabinets

Drying is an essential step when reprocessing reusable medical devices for their next safe use. Following a clinically dry protocol can reduce the processing time by as much as 40% overall.

For additional details, see the attached white paper named “Cenorin White Paper Lumen Drying”.


Belimed Medical Device Drying Cabinets are designed to maximize ease of operation and device drying capacity while withstanding the demands of everyday use.



#Model 150 and Model 350

NEW 50 Series Drying Cabinets

line includes two sizes, available in stand-alone, recessed, pass-through and non pass-through configurations.



  • Large interior volume and a modular design permitting multiple device types and sizes.
  • Rugged and cleanable interior/exterior surfaces. Doors with tempered glass windows.
  • High-efficiency airflow drying m
  • Intuitive user interface/diagnostics - touch screen interface that displays cycle status, temperature, and system notifications. Proactive alerts to preventive maintenance needs - HEPA filter change notification.
  • Versatile device drying accessories. These accessories include a tube drying rack, small parts tray, and half-width shelves.
  • Unit capacity 23 cu. ft. and 40 cu. ft. 
#Patented LD200 Lumen Drying System


Patented LD200 Lumen Drying System

Using low-pressure HEPA filtered air to all connected devices, the LD200 accessory is designed specifically to dry endoscopes and robotic arms thereby helping departments reduce retained moisture incidents and speed the drying process.

Maximize the safety and efficiency of your medical device drying cabinets with a reliable cost-effective solution to get lumened devices back in use faster.



  • Can be easily added to your existing Belimed Drying Cabinets (50 series only)
  • Can be customized for specific applications with specialty racks for endoscopes, robotic surgical instruments, luer connector tubes, and more.
  • Simple user-friendly controls are easy to understand – a manual count-up timer enables users to define drying time.
  • Green/red STATUS light enables easy process monitoring.
  • Protects lumened devices during the drying process - Low air pressure dries efficiently without stressing lumens.
  • Handles multiple channels at a time for fast, productive, timed drying.
  • Provides clinically dry robotic devices in 30 minutes. Stages medical devices to enhance department workflow.