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Warming Cabinets

Designed to satisfy all clinical requirements for storage of blankets, or fluids at a controlled elevated temperature prior to use in a patient environment. Belimed offers a wide range of durable and modern devices in sizes and configurations suitable for usage in both the operating room and the sterile core.


Our multiple options and sizes fit any cabinet need for safe, consistent warming of medical liquids and linens. They come in three configurations – Single chamber, double chamber, and triple chamber. All these configurations can have multiple size options.





#Warming Cabinets features

The Warming cabinets are distinguished by the following features:

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet and Shelves
  • Choice of Glass or Solid Stainless Steel Doors
  • Left and Right Stainless Steel Airflow Plenums
  • Push-button Digital Operation
  • Digital Control Package, with Large Actual & Setpoint LED Displays, Overtemperature Audible/Visual Alarm, and Keyed Door/Temperature Lockout
  • Powerful Forced-air Heating Elements.
  • “Easy Log” Integrated Data Logger with Removable USB or Cloud Storage Options.
  • Automatically Records Data every 30 minutes, Internal Storage Up to 2 Years
  • Fully Insulated Chamber to provide Uniform Heating
  • Independent Digitally Controlled Chambers. Rapid Warm Time (2-6 hours depending on load)
  • Available in Stand-alone, Recess, & Pass-through Configurations with Adjustable Feet
  • Optional Premium Version with Intuitive Touch Software and Ethernet/ Wi-Fi Capability for Remote Access



  • Additional Stainless Steel Perforated Shelves
  • Mobility Options like Mobile Base or Stands or Cabinets
  • Solid-panel or Full-view Glass Option
  • Robust Perforated Solid Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Roll-out Basket for Holding Bottles
  • Electronic Keypad Lock
  • Sloping Top to Prevent Dust Settling
  • Seismic Braces