Reprocessing of N95 respirators

Reprocessing of N95 respirators

Belimed Steam Sterilizers now announced compatible for crisis strategy decontamination of specific single-use N95 respirators by industry-leading manufacturer 3M.

Contingency reprocessing of N95 respirators

Can N95 respirators be steam decontaminated for reuse in situations of severe personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage? That question has been explored through collaboration between a world-leading respirator manufacturer, 3M, and Belimed.

During the global shortage in the last months, the supply of N95 respirators in all regions of the world, including healthcare leaders like the USA, Germany, or the Netherlands, has been tight. Hospitals around the world are seeking options to provide respirators to their employees to help reduce their risk of exposure when working with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients.

Now, with the evaluation by 3M of steam decontamination of N95 respirators, specific programmed cycles of the Belimed Steam Sterilizer MST-H or MST-V were determined to be compatible with specific 3M respirator models.

Please check also 3M’s technical bulletin “Decontamination of 3M Filtering Facepiece Respirators, such as N95 Respirators, in the United States – Considerations”