Well Connected

Well Connected

With Belimed Connect we provide a suite of quality software solutions that result in true added value for you, your staff and your patients.

Connectivity – Belimed Connect

Instrument management solutions interface between any piece of Belimed equipment to any instrument tracking system for improved tracking and efficiency. Belimed Connectivity provides you with reliable real time data from the machine for paperless quality documentation system that provides diagnostics. For printed cycle documentation, PDF files can be accessed by a network connected PC workstation. In this way, you can open the PDF files with the cycle documentation and print them out on any printer within the network.

Belimed can monitor and analyze your machine data to assess facility performance and statistical information. During every Belimed service visit, the data from each machine is stored as a backup and for performance analysis. Our extensive application know-how and machine expertise can provide invaluable performance data for your equipment and your facility.

Whether the data is stored within the machines, exported to a performance dashboard or analyzed by our predictive software, we can identify early warning signs and savings potentials – leaving you and your resources to focus on your core business.