We Care

We Care

Belimed is committed to finding ways to find value for our customers, whilst having a positive impact on the well-being of people, on society and for our planet’s natural resources.


Sustainability is a key element of Belimed’s corporate strategy and a strategic pillar for all companies within the Metall Zug Group. We are integrating sustainability throughout our organisation; starting from our production facilities and supply chains, to innovative technologies within our equipment and a lifecycle approach for our service plans.

Sustainable Belimed products and services provide operational benefits for our customers and are an important factor in the global challenge to reduce the global carbon footprint and the impact on the environment, to society and for the economy.

With a wide diversity of stakeholders, Belimed uses multi-criteria analyses to help to identify and rank key sustainability topics, both for our customers and for us. Analytical techniques including cost-benefit analysis and environmental impact analysis, have helped to highlight which sustainability initiatives provide the greatest benefit, and which ones can realistically be achieved.

By making a commitment to sustainability and driving energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, Belimed addresses the challenges of growing demand and rising costs within healthcare.