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Hospital Management

A trusted partner for the lifecycle of your facility


Hospital management face significant challenges in delivering quality patient care, whilst remaining competitive in the current climate of rising costs. Patients today are also better informed and expect higher standards of healthcare. As a result, the technology requirements and hospital regulations are becoming increasingly complex.

Belimed focuses on total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced downtime, improvements in productivity and the safety of CSSD employees, all of which reduce your environmental impact and improve the well-being of staff and patients. By reducing the consumption of energy, water and consumables and optimizing the operation and cycle times for our machines, Belimed helps to keep operating costs to a minimum and improves the environmental impact of our equipment for hospitals.


  • Infection control solutions with a high throughput yet a small footprint
  • High quality machines and equipment for guaranteed reliability and longevity
  • Expert CSSD knowledge = greater safety and reduced risk