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Operating Rooms

Keeping Operating Rooms ‘alive’

Hospital operating rooms are one of the most important departments in a healthcare facility. First and foremost, they are the major revenue driver for hospitals. Secondly, surgical outcomes are extremely important in terms of receiving financial reimbursement for procedures from patient private insurance and government healthcare plans.

Every operating room requires a Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) to reprocess all the surgical instruments needed by surgical staff and deliver them to the operating room correctly and on time. They must also be of the highest quality possible.

While Belimed focuses on products and services to equip hospital CSSDs, our capabilities extend beyond those four walls, ensuring that other areas of the hospital, especially operating rooms, can perform to their fullest potential. Our goal is to deliver high performing departments that provide the required efficiency, capacity and quality that every Operating Room needs.


Working collaboratively with our customers, and utilizing our experience managing new and remodeled CSSD’s globally, Belimed can develop workflow solutions to improve the instrument reprocessing process, thus optimizing hospital revenue and protecting staff and patients alike. We deliver:


  • State-of-the-art CSSD designs based on detailed data analysis to ensure current and future capacity needs are met and mitigate potential operating room shutdown 
  • Superior products and services that enable the department to run more efficiently, including our newly launched SmartHub digital solutions 
  • Workflow designs, products and processes that focus on delivering high quality surgical instruments  
  • A focus on sustainability – reductions in water and energy use (and costs), ergonomic product solutions and safer consumables products