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At Belimed, we are engaged in the greening of hospitals to improve the health of patients, staff and the environment.


Global economic development over the past 60 years has enhanced the quality of life and well-being of billions of people around the world, however, it poses a huge threat to the environment. Everyone has a role to play: governments, financial institutions and, of course, businesses such as Belimed. This is why Belimed is launching our own sustainability initiatives to make us the global leader in sustainable infection control by 2025.


Global challenges

As the world’s population continues to live longer, the demand for healthcare and hospitals (our main customers) increases. With 24/7 operation, all hospitals are huge consumers of power, water and consumables, which poses a significant challenge for the environment (carbon emissions, waste product, chemicals). This growing demand, combined with cost pressures, also has a direct impact on the well-being of healthcare staff and patients.


Our commitment to making change

Belimed Infection Control views sustainability as a key strategic priority and aims to lead the way in relation to green products and solutions, environmentally friendly production methods and lean and efficient procurement and logistics. By making a commitment to sustainability, Belimed is addressing the market forces of growing demand and rising costs within healthcare. The slogan ‘Engineers of Confidence’ is part of the Belimed corporate strategy.

Transform your business

Reimagine your CSSD operations and business model by reducing the consumption of energy, water and consumables. By optimizing the operation and cycle times for our machines, Belimed is improving the environmental impact of our equipment for hospitals.

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