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Weapons of Mass Microbial Destruction

How our cleaning solution has improved efficiency and reduced cycle times


About 313 million surgical procedures are carried out in the world every year. The most common major procedures are C-sections. Based on a market study performed by iData Research, over 13 million laparoscopic procedures are performed globally every year. With an aging population and an increased number of age-related diseases, in combination with the back log created by the COVID-19 pandemic and postponed procedures, the number of surgical procedures will increase worldwide. There are ways Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSDs), which are under pressure to increase sterile productivity due to growth in surgical cases, could take further steps to improve efficiency, reduce wash/disinfection cycle times and improve instrument quality.

Belimed launched the Belimed Protect line of Cleaning Solutions five years ago. Out of our many customers who  have evaluated and converted to our product,  data was recorded from 26 separate facilities. What were the findings? 

  • With the proprietary 3 enzyme Protect formulation and single-step cleaning process, cycle times were reduced by 11%; the average cycle time was reduced by 4.5 minutes, which is the equivalent of 5 more washer loads being processed in a 24-hour period
  • Dosing levels were optimized
  • Subtilisin-free enzyme formulations lessened the risk of allergic reactions in CSSD workers