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Award winning

Belimed wins the 'Digital Economy Award' for transforming sterile processing departments around the world into smart CSSDs.

Winners of the Digital Economy Award 2021 announced.
Belimed takes top prize in the "Digital Excellence SME" category.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / CHARLESTON, SC (November 23, 2021) – Champagne corks were popping in the Zurich Hallenstadion on November 11, 2021, when Belimed won the Digital Excellence SME Award. The competition was tense as over 900 companies applied and three finalists remained. With this award, Belimed has achieved an important milestone in driving digital transformation and promoting digitalization in healthcare facilities across the globe. The 2021 Digital Economy Award has sparked a flame that will ignite new projects to come.

The future of the CSSD is smart

The future of the CSSD is smart

With this award, Belimed is motivated to continue digitalization innovation across all future projects. Our digitalization technology helps customers and co-creators transform Central Sterile Service Departments (CSSDs) into smart ones. This prestigious award is an important recognition by the jury and public that Belimed has made an impressive transformation from an equipment manufacturer to a customer-focused solutions provider in a demanding, highly regulated, and international healthcare environment.

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization initiatives within various healthcare departments. As a provider of product and service solutions for the sterilization, disinfection, and cleaning workflow of medical and surgical instruments, Belimed operates in a sector that is not immune to the changes brought about by digitalization and the resulting “big data”.

Innovation in the age of digital transformation starts with an accurate understanding of customers’ everyday problems. As Engineers of Confidence, Belimed worked extensively with current customers to provide insights in the creation of a tangible solution, while achieving new milestones in digital intelligence. The result is Belimed’s innovative SmartHub suite, which is paving the way to the first smart CSSDs.

SmartHub is a software solution based on different modules, which ensures that all relevant machine data is captured in real-time from any Belimed machine for actionable insight. SmartHub can be run on-premise, but unfolds its full potential in a cloud-based web application – SmartHub Orbit. All relevant machine data and cycle statuses can be accessed at anytime from anywhere – from any browser and any device (notebook, mobile phone or tablet). This access gives Sterile Processing managers full control and will transform the way they manage their department and staff.

“I am convinced that our organization will display great tenacity in promoting promising lines of work in the field of digitalized CSSDs in the future,” said Philippe Heim, Global Business Head Digitalization at Belimed. “I would also like to thank our highly motivated digitalization team who have unfaltering faith in the future we dream to build, as well as our partners Trivadis and oddEVEN, and co-creation customers,” said Heim.

Smart healthcare and smart hospitals, which are imperatives of the future, are only as smart as all their subsystems. This intelligence includes CSSDs, which are crucial for infection control when disinfecting and sterilizing instruments and devices used during surgery and other medical procedures.

Almost all economists agree that digital technologies will become increasingly important in the future. “We believe the future is now and the innovative digitalization offered by Belimed’s SmartHub suite will transform CSSDs into smart ones,” added Heim.

Learn more about SmartHub

Digitalize your CSSD

Digitalize your CSSD

SmartHub is our new software which runs either on-premises or as a Cloud application. It captures all machine data in real time from any Belimed machine and turns it into useful, well visualized information for CSSD managers. However, it isn't only a tool for CSSD management, SmartHub is designed to benefit the whole CSSD team thanks to its continuously evolving features for e-learning and troubleshooting.