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BIM and 3D Visualization

Bringing your future CSSDs to life

Through years of design and innovation, Belimed Blueprint provides unparalleled design-assist services for your next CSSD. Belimed was one of the first manufacturers in the industry to offer not only LOD 500 BIM models, but also live 3D walk-throughs for user groups.


An essential tool in modern building design

When designing a complicated manufacturing process within a healthcare space, it is essential to have the right tools to communicate with your design team. The BIM model allows both the architect and engineer to understand not just the spatial requirements of your CSSD equipment but, also the utility requirements. These models can be connected to the complex mechanical design of the hospital to ensure a positive outcome.



#Growing Library of BIM Models

Growing Library of BIM Models

With our growing library of 3D BIM models, Belimed has the right LOD for your application. This gives your design team exactly what they are looking for without all the bloat.

#Self-guided Digital Visualization

Self-guided Digital Visualization Tools

2D Plans have been the standard for many years. Now, using your smartphone, you can jump into a 3D environment right from the 2D plan. The universal QR-code takes you to a web-hosted 3D view that allows you to control your view of the department in 3D.

#Mechanical, Electrical

Live 3D Walk-throughs

Walking through the department before you even break ground is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page.

#BIM View and Clash Detection

BIM View and Clash Detection

Using the embedded utility connections, engineers can virtually connect the Belimed equipment to their complex mechanical, electrical, or plumbing design to create a complete 3D building system.