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Data-driven CSSDs

Your machines are talking. Are you listening?


Digitalization has drastically changed the way we work and live and will continue to shape the healthcare industry. We believe that digitalized, smart hospitals need data-driven CSSDs, which allow modern and digital work processes, create higher work efficiency and make work in the CSSDs easier and safer for everyone.

To make this vision a reality, Belimed has developed SmartHub, an easy-to-use web application that communicates with the user. It collects all data that is created by each Belimed machine and turns it into relevant, well visualized information for CSSD managers. However, it is not just a tool for the CSSD management, SmartHub is designed to benefit the whole CSSD team, thanks to its continuously evolving features for e-learning and troubleshooting.


To learn more, visit our SmartHub or Digitalization webpages.