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Patient Rooms

Automated bed reprocessing reduces the burden for hospital staff and mitigates patient risk


The high occupancy rates of hospital beds and pressing staff shortages during the recent pandemic have shown some vulnerabilities in healthcare systems, including hospital-acquired infections. Studies have shown that if not properly cleaned and disinfected, hospital beds represent a real risk of infection for patients.

Automated bed reprocessing ensures that each patient in your facility gets a clean and safe bed. An automated system that always follows the exact same steps is more reliable and has better repeatability than manual reprocessing. Hospital employees are liberated of the hard physical work and high safety responsibilities related to manual bed reprocessing.


Belimed Bed Reprocessing systems are sustainable – the water used for bed washing can be reused, thus saving water, energy and chemicals. Fast cycle times – generally less than 10 minutes per bed frame – allow efficient bed turnaround times and ensure high levels of hygiene.


  • Best-in-class washing technology for beds and other large items
  • Versatile range of washer-disinfectors, with different lengths and applications
  • Reliable patient and employee safety


For more information visit our Bed Washing website.