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Uruguay’s First Independent CSSD

GoMedical recycles all water from sterilization equipment. They have installed various Belimed equipment, which has led to materials being processed more rapidly.

Project Summary

  • Uruguay, the smallest Spanish speaking country in South America, tucked away harmlessly between Brazil and Argentina, has in the eyes of many one of the world’s best healthcare systems, because it employs 5.08 physicians per 1,000 people.
  • The country, whose names comes from the Guaraní word for the Uruguay River and means ’river where the bird lives’, is also home to GoMedical, the first independent full-cycle sterilization plant in Uruguay and the most modern in the region. Since it started operating in March 2020, it has been offering a comprehensive medical material reprocessing service for hospitals.
  • The GoMedical CSSD employs 20 people, providing services to MP, Clínica Wolf, Meditec and Hospital de Paysandú, emergency services to the SMI, Casa de Galicia, Banco de Prótesis, Hospital Maciel medical institutions, as well as a 24/7 service to Asociación Española.
  • Each month GoMedical performs 900 to 1,000 disinfection and sterilization cycles. The 3 Belimed thermo disinfectors installed there are contributing to patient safety. 
  • GoMedical is also environmentally conscious. The modern CSSD is equipped with intelligent lighting. By maximizing natural light it is able to achieve the highest efficiency and energy savings.

Customer Value

  • GoMedical has installed various Belimed equipment, which has led to materials being processed more rapidly. For example, the autoclaves with several programs have ‘better cycle times than the equipment of another brand owned by GoMedical’, according to the company. Belimed sterilizers and washers are designed to have easy access for maintenance, since access to the machine is always front or rear, never sideways, and the machines come with user-friendly touch screens.
  • The key challenge for business and industry has always been how to implement long-term sustainable business policies, whilst remaining competitive.
  • Belimed is proud to be working with an environmentally conscious company such as GoMedical, which shares our values by making a commitment to sustainability. This is very important as humanity is using the equivalent of 1.7 planets of the natural resources required to operate at the given pace. GoMedical has its own plant for recycling all the water from the sterilization equipment, which saves it 280,000 liters of water a month.
  • The company is therefore not only generating significant cost savings, but also minimizing the impact on the plant of consumption.

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Jon Olabarrieta