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WD 200

Space-saving, fast, reliable, and easy to operate: the Belimed WD 200 Washer / Disinfector with manual hinged glass doors offers excellent cost-performance ratio for small CSSD’s.


  • Soaking, penetrating wash process effectively delivers water and detergent to all surfaces and hard to reach areas
  • Thermal rinse achieves an A0 disinfection of 3000, effective on heat resistant viruses such as Hepatitis B
  • SmartFill™ adjusts water use to the load size, minimizing the use of resources
  • Available with steam or electric heat, with optional DI water pre-heater to reduce cycle time in electric heat version
  • Hinged doors eliminate need for carts, a benefit in tight spaces


  • Multi-level instrument racks
  • Container rack
  • MIS Instrument Rack
  • Ergonomic transport cart


  • EN ISO 15883-1, -2, UL Listed