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Flexible automation and fully automatic loading options make the washer-disinfector an intelligent solution for use in CSSDs / AEMPs, both on the clean and dirty side.

Optimal and consistent capacity utilization

The automation solution, which is individually tailored to the requirements of a CSSD / AEMP, decouples the sub-processes of instrument reprocessing to optimise the operation of the connected washer-disinfectors. It does not matter how many washer-disinfectors are connected to the automation system. Optimized loading means that there are no dead times for the washer-disinfectors.

Free-up time and work for employees

The systems are individually adapted to customer specifications, relieving CSSD / AEMP employees of physically heavy work and gaining flexibility and time for other activities. This is also made possible by the high degree of planning flexibility, which allows the use of several or different loading and unloading points according to customer requirements.

Easy access for service teams

The use of shuttles both on the clean and the unclean side, requires less space and has the advantage of greater ease of access for service, and allows simplified maintenance of the transport system.