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Site Assessments

“Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice”

Much like a doctor consulting a patient, our engineers have helped hundreds of sites achieve their goals. From replacing a washer to new construction, we have the design assist services and the experience to ensure a positive outcome. But this knowledge and value cannot be applied unless we learn more about YOU. Every CSSD is a unique complex system that must be studied and understood before recommendations can be made. This study is called a Site Assessment. It is a formal process whereby our engineers learn more about you and your CSSD through physical and virtual means. 


A site assessment is a virtual or on-site exploration into your process, demands and goals. This can take 1-2 days on-site for deep-dives or a few hours with a questionnaire. The questionnaire and on-site studies will focus on the following areas:

  • Equipment throughput (capacities and cycle times)
  • Incoming Demand (surgical volume, specialties, ancillary departments, etc.)
  • Process times (manual steps such as pick-up/drop-off, decontamination, assembly, and inspection)
  • Staffing (often overlooked, the staff is the heart of the CSSD, without staff the department cannot function)


This assessment, combined with our proprietary capacity analysis tool, provides a detailed outline of capital spend within a CSSD over the next 5 to 10 years–from immediate need to a long-term watch list. Our plans allow your CSSD to minimize operational risk and maximize spending within the department.


Below are some things you may learn about your new or existing CSSD from conducting a Belimed Site Assessment:

  • Capital Equipment Replacement Forecast and Asset Inventory List
  • Capacity Analysis including 5-15 years forecast based on your growth
  • Operational Cost Estimate using your utility rates and surgical volume
  • Staffing model and equipment utilization percentages from our Simulation Analysis
  • Professional business case for investment or change