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Belimed Blueprint: Planning & Design Services

Your custom solution for Sterile Processing Planning and Design

By definition, a blueprint is a plan which shows what can be achieved. At Belimed, this is what our Planning and Design team of engineers aspire to deliver every day for each one of our customers–to fully understand your needs, analyze the possibilities, and design the most efficient and safe sterile processing environment for your facility and staff.


The Belimed Planning and Design Process

The process for planning and designing a CSSD with Belimed starts with one fundamental question: What is the desired outcome? Once we understand our customer’s needs, we use proprietary tools and processes to find the solutions that will produce the desired results.


Key Planning and Design Steps

While every facility and every project is unique, our planning and design process aligns with four key phases: project planning, schematic design, design development, and construction document creation.


Phase 1. Project Planning


The end user’s needs are assessed by understanding current/forecasted case volumes, specialties offered, and growth plans. Belimed starts analyzing the equipment capacity and space needs for the CSSD to be efficient and successful in the long-term. If the project involves an existing department, a site assessment is conducted so that the team can interview the end-users/staff and collect the necessary data.

During the Project Planning step, you can expect the following outputs:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Layout Templates
  • Equipment Capacity Analysis


Phase 2. Schematic Design

The full project scope is defined.

During the Schematic Design step, you can expect the following outputs:

  • Proposal Drawings
  • Equipment Mix
  • Budgetary Quotes
  • Critical Event Timeline


3. Design Development

Between the schematic design step and the design development step. Design development includes creating a validated design and virtual visualization of the new CSSD. Ensuring your confidence in the return on investment of your CSSD project.

During the Design Development step, you can expect the following outputs:

  • Final Design
  • Bid Documents
  • Throughput Simulation Report
  • Photorealistic renderings of the new CSSD
  • Virtual 3D Tour/Walkthrough


4. Construction Documents

The objective of this step is to maintain the current project schedule and reduce change orders. The final equipment quote is submitted and the final project review is scheduled.

The Construction Document step produces the following outputs:

  • Installation drawings
  • Final purchase order
  • Cost analysis


The Belimed Advantage

The advantages of partnering with the Belimed are numerous, but they’re all linked to our core philosophy: we’re engineers of confidence. We focus on customer success and give you the tools to meet your goals. With Belimed you can be confident in the knowledge that your CSSD will efficiently meet your facility’s needs.


The Human Element

Our goal is customer success. We’re here to do more than sell you equipment. We’re invested in making sure data-driven decisions and direct customer feedback are utilized to confidently propose an equipment solution that meets our customer’s exact needs.

Our planning and design engineers have a depth of knowledge and experience gained from seeing 20-25 new departments go live each year. Each completed project brings an opportunity to learn new ways to perfect and refine processes. They bring their collective experiences of planning and designing over one hundred new CSSDs to every new project, meaning you can rely on our team as engineers of confidence.


Connection and Continuity

We bridge the gap between the end-user and the professionals who handle different parts of the process. Our team brings all of the pieces of the puzzle together for the end-user so they can see how the details become the big picture.

Some hospitals have high turnover rates when it comes to leadership roles managing a project, especially within the CSSD. Each time a transition takes place, the CSSD project can slow down or even come to a halt. With changes and turnover being so common, having Belimed as a constant can be a lifesaver. The continuity our team provides can help prevent roadblocks and project resets every time someone new comes on board.


A Holistic Approach

Belimed’s value is in their holistic approach. We believe in beginning with the end in mind. We want to help you build a sterilization department that works for your facility, not just now but, for the life of the department. Building a new CSSD or renovating your current facility can be a big undertaking, so planning for long-term use is essential if you don’t want to face a rebuild in the near future. That’s the advantage of Belimed’s data-driven design.


Data-Driven Design

We have the hands-on experience to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building an efficient CSSD. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. We provide the data to back up all of our solutions. Our processes are streamlined and efficient so that you have data to validate your designs.


Proprietary Tools and Processes

What makes our holistic and data-driven approach possible? We have proprietary tools and processes unique to Belimed. Our Planning and Design team provide customers with a clear picture of their capital equipment landscape for sterile processing. This assessment, combined with our proprietary capacity analysis tool, provides a detailed outline of capital spend within a CSSD over the next 5 to 10 years–from immediate need to a long-term watch list. Our plans allow your CSSD to minimize operational risk and maximize spending within the department.


To learn more about Belimed’s Planning and Design Services, connect with one of our Engineers of Confidence at planningdesign.us@belimed.com or call 1.800.451.4118, Option 4.