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Reduce costs by over USD 300,000

CSSD managed to reduce water consumption by 87%

Resiliency and commitment are perfect terms to describe the efforts of healthcare providers during times of increased surgical procedures and the need for cooperation with CSSDs to respond to that demand. Once in place, these operations run like a Swiss clock – flawlessly. However, when a hospital is challenged with peak demand in surgeries and their CSSD is challenged due to increasing processing volumes, things could fall apart like a house of cards. The main hospital campus of a large nonprofit healthcare system located in Southern California was concerned that without an overhaul of its CSSD to support its growth, operating room shutdowns could be imminent.

At 50 to 60 cases daily, the CSSD had reached its capacity. This could have resulted in shutdowns and delays, leading to potential financial losses. The CSSD challenges, among others, were higher department costs, bottlenecks, excessive use of water and energy, and equipment past its useful life. Just by outsourcing labor, paying overtime to personnel and maintaining the old equipment, the hospital was running up costs of USD 154,000 annually. 


By implementing the Belimed solutions, the customer:

  • increased tray throughput by 40% on daily basis (managing 241 trays daily instead of 172)
  • reduced daily water consumption by 87%
  • managed to save USD 326,724 annually