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The need of simulation when designing a CSSD

How simulation can help you cope with increasing surgical demands

Facing a growing surgical program with a rapidly aging CSSD, a top-rated Adventist hospital system in central Florida embarked on the harrowing journey of renovating a CSSD while maintaining its sizeable workload.

To ensure the project’s success, it partnered with Belimed’s Planning and Design Group to deliver world-class design assist services. Utilizing Belimed’s proprietary CSSD Simulation Model (CSSDSim), the hospital’s project team had an insight into an optimized design with full 3D visualization of the end result. This gave them absolute confidence in the project.

Belimed predicted that the department upgrade would result in the following performance improvements:

  • Mean tray cycle time could be reduced by 63.5% (from 1,062 minutes to only 388 minutes)
  • Tray queue could be reduced by 71%
  • The CSSD could handle higher surgical caseloads with 543 trays processed daily instead of only 492 based on the existing model