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ProServ Instruments

An innovative off-site CSSD setting new standards in hygiene, efficiency and economy.

Innovative reprocessing for medical devices

This extraordinary project launched by ProServ Instruments GmbH requires the highest demands in terms of hygiene compliance with standards in reprocessing. The highest cost efficiency has been achieved through newly developed automation systems. Ergonomic workflow designs are used for optimized throughput and handling to benefit employees. Complete documentation of all processes is always ensured.

Machine Unit – unloading side

Seven of the newest generation WD 290 IQ Washer-Disinfectors that reduce energy and water use with Smart Fill technology are installed at the site. The highest cost efficiency has been achieved through the newly developed Belimed WA 290 automatization system with a centralized return transport system for racks.

Decontamination Zone

With twelve washer-disinfector systems (WD290 IQ) installed this is one of the largest CSSDs in Germany. The Belimed WA 290 Automatic Shuttle Transport System for loading the WDs combined with a centralized return transport system for racks enables seamless and efficient operation. There are also four Belimed WD 750 large washers for thermal disinfection of sterile goods containers and class 2a medical devices, and one Belimed CS 750 L for chemo-thermal disinfection of transport trolleys and containers, etc.

Steam Sterilization

Consisting of five 12 StU Belimed MST-V 6-6-18 sterilizers, it features automatic loading and unloading and a return line as well as a handy 6 StU loading system with two trolleys per batch.

Packing Area

The packing area is equipped with 24 height-adjustable packing & welding tables, and batch documentation system.