SteelcoBelimed: Innovate with confidence 

We are excited to announce a new joint venture between Steelco and Belimed, leading the way in advanced cleaning and sterilization solutions.


On June 10, 2024, Metall Zug and Miele officially completed a joint venture, bringing together Steelco and Belimed in the field of Infection Control and Life Science, marking a significant milestone in the industry. The joint venture has given birth to a new brand called SteelcoBelimed.

This strategic partnership represents a unique opportunity for both companies to strengthen their market position and accelerate development to become the most innovative and customer-oriented providers in the field of Infection Control and Life Science. The joint venture between Belimed and Steelco  is also an important milestone in addressing the increasing demands of the Global Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. Steelco and Belimed complement each other in their markets, products and competences. Both produce cleaning, disinfection and sterilization solutions for hospitals, biomedical research and pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications.

“Our goal is to become the world’s most customer-centric, innovative and reliable provider of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization equipment in our industries”, says Dr Christian Kluge, the newly appointed CEO of SteelcoBelimed.

The joint venture partners Miele and Metall Zug, as well as Belimed and Steelco , also share comparable values: customer centricity , innovation, reliability, efficiency and care form the cornerstone of SteelcoBelimed’s brand identity. 


“Innovate with confidence”

The joint venture will open new perspectives and growth opportunities for all stakeholders, including employees and customers  . Customers will benefit from an expanded and more efficient product portfolio with customized solutions as well as  a competent and fast service and an even more innovative customer-centered approach.

SteelcoBelimed’s brand promise ‘Innovate with confidence’ centers on fostering innovation whilst guaranteeing the delivery of cutting-edge, high-quality products and comprehensive services. SteelcoBelimed is also committed to fully understanding customers’ needs and striving for customer satisfaction for the best results. Placing the customer at the center of what we do is not just our top priority but also an operational philosophy.

The SteelcoBelimed joint venture sets a new benchmark for the industry, ensuring rapid evolution of solutions to meet customers’ dynamic needs. 


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