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Cleaning Indicators

Belimed Protect Cleaning Indicator


The Belimed Protect Cleaning Indicator (BPCI) is a verification test used to monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning process in washer / disinfectors. The BPCI and special holder mimic soiled surgical instruments, providing an appropriate challenge for all factors in automated cleaning including time, temperature, pressure, and detergent.

Product Features

  • The Belimed Protect Cleaning Indicator was thoroughly tested to ensure the coupon and holder provide a sufficient challenge and consistent monitoring results.
  • Can be placed both in the surgical tray or clipped to side, providing a better challenge for blind spots in the washer disinfector.
  • BPCI is made of a synthetic recyclable substrate which is more environmentally friendly than other metal indicators and is more cost effective.
  • BPCI has a three-year shelf life, more than double the shelf life of other cleaning verification products.