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Ophthalmic Solutions

Ophthalmic Solutions

The first product on the market made specifically for reprocessing ophthalmic instrument, Belimed’s Ophthalmic Detergent can be used for manual, ultrasonic, or automated washer cleaning. Our Non-Enzymatic Pretreatment Spray is ideal for pretreating eye instrumentation.

#Ophthalmic Neutral Detergent

Ophthalmic Neutral Detergent

The first and only neutral pH non-enzymatic detergent formulated specifically for ophthalmic instrumentation. For manual or automated cleaning of surgical instruments and other items used for eye surgery.


Product Data Sheet (0.2 MB PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (Ophthalmic Neutral Detergent) (0.2 MB PDF)

#Non-Enzymatic Pretreatment Foam Spray

Non-Enzymatic Pretreatment Foam Spray

Dual foam/liquid pretreatment spray specially formulated for ophthalmic instrumentation. For pre-cleaning and transportation of surgical grade instruments, reusable items, scopes, and other devices.


Product Data Sheet (0.2 MB PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (0.2 MB PDF)