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WD 750

When True, high volume instrument washing is needed the WD 750 large scale instrument washer/cart washer is the better way of thinking. the WD 750 meets the stringent washing requirements of ISO 15883.


  • A full instrument cycle, with A0 3000 disinfection, in less than an hour
  • Greatest throughput of any instrument washer at 48 trays per cycle
  • 96 oscillating spray nozzles on each side of the chamber ensures an effective, soaking, penetrating wash process for instruments and carts
  • Horizontal glass sliding doors and cabin illumination for visual control of the washing process as well as patented process status display and double-door push-through model with interlocking doors for separating contaminated/clean area
  • Storage tank to reduce water use when washing carts


  • 24 tray instrument cart
  • Container and basin cart