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SmartHub Orbit FAQ

SmartHub Orbit FAQ


Do I need SmartHub Orbit if I use an instrument tracking system?

SmartHub Orbit delivers value irrespective of whether you use an instrument tracking system (ITS) or not. Orbit is meant to enhance your interface with the Belimed equipment. The application is to fill in gaps with ITS like equipment real-time information, notifications, error codes, in-service training modules, maintenance alerts and much more.


Do I need to install this application on my mobile phone?

No. SmartHub Orbit does not need to be installed on your mobile device. It can be accessed by any device with a browser and an internet connection.


Does SmartHub Orbit utilize any health information?

No. SmartHub Orbit uses Belimed equipment sensor and cycle parameters. No PHI is processed, transmitted, or stored by this application.


Who is going to use SmartHub Orbit in my department?

SmartHub Orbit is useful to all roles within the CSSD ranging from technicians to leadership. Some role based features below as an example:


  •    Technicians - Equipment dashboard, error notifications, troubleshooting, e-learning & e-manuals.
  •    Biomed - Maintenance alerts, error notifications, multi-site view, error codes & e-manuals.
  •    Management - Equipment dashboards, batch history, multi-site overview, analytics & e-learning.


I have ICS currently, can I get SmartHub Orbit?

SmartHub Orbit does not work with ICS. You will have to upgrade your base connectivity with SmartHub Connect first. You may be eligible to get Orbit complimentary for a year. Please reach out to your Belimed account representative to learn more.


Do I need to pay more for multiple users?

No. SmartHub Orbit subscriptions are based only on the number of Belimed equipment connected.


Does this application have a recurring fee?

Yes. The SmartHub Orbit web application has an annual subscription. This is a value added service and the subscription allows you to access these features.


Can any Belimed equipment connect to this application?

All Belimed washer/disinfectors, sterilizers and cart washers currently sold are compatible. If you have older equipment, please contact your Belimed account representative to confirm compatibility with SmartHub.


Does this application scan trays?

No. SmartHub Orbit is not an instrument tracking system.