Smart CSSDs

Smart CSSDs

We believe that digitalized, smart hospitals need smart CSSDs, which enable modern and digital work processes, create higher work efficiency and make work in CSSDs easier and safer for everyone.

Your machiners are talking. Are you listening?

Imagine a CSSD as smart as your doctors; a fully digitalized CSSD where process can be monitored from an app, where machines inform you about future errors and maintenance, and where things are automated. Does it sound like a sci-fi movie from the distant future? No, it is reality. As Engineers of Confidence, we build solutions based on your organization’s needs, saving you time and money.  Sterile processing departments can, and should, be instrumental in driving the kind of efficiency gains offered by digitalization.

At Belimed, we focus on the patient, their safety and the communication between machines and CSSDs. We designed our new web application SmartHub Orbit for people and machines to work together to improve processes and to keep downtimes close to zero.

At Belimed, we support your project from planning to implementation. We are like masterchefs, adding the ingredients you need the most to 'cook' the perfect meal. We make sure the end result is a functioning smart CSSD. The common goal should be to use intelligent solutions to create added value for users, operators, patients and employees. Every Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) has a relentless focus on patient safety.

We believe that an intelligent hospital needs an intelligent CSSD. Both CSSDs and the operating theaters can benefit from:

Modern and digital\n work processes

Modern and digital
work processes

Savings on\nmonetary basis

Savings on
monetary basis

Higher\nwork efficiency

work efficiency

Relieving staff of additional pressure and stress

Relieving staff of additional pressure and stress

Greater safety

Greater safety



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SmartHub is our new software which runs either on-premises or as a Cloud application. It captures all machine data in real time from any Belimed machine and turns it into useful, well visualized information for CSSD managers. However, it isn't only a tool for CSSD management, SmartHub is designed to benefit the whole CSSD team thanks to its continuously evolving features for e-learning and troubleshooting.  read more