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Belimed Planning Compass

Discover the Planning Compass

The Planning Compass, a tool developed by Belimed to avoid the early mistakes of SPD planning and design. With this newly developed tool you can understand your potential SPD design requirements with minimal data inputs.

The Planning Compass is the ultimate tool to guide you into the right direction regarding the equipment mix as well as utility consumption. Make an evidence-based equipment investment for your SPD.


Professional Planning Report

Any user of the Planning Compass can provide their project with a professional design report complete with equipment mix, estimated early space programming, utility requirements and guidance on options.




No matter how early your project is, the design team needs to understand the design requirements. The reprocessing equipment can have significant impacts on the space, utility and workflow of the SPD. The Belimed Planning Compass gives you a complete equipment mix of all major equipment so the design team can plan in the correct amount of equipment from the beginning.




Ensuring you have the utility infrastructure to meet the design goals is critical. The Planning Compass Reports tells you everything you need to know about utility requirements for your new SPD.




Take the guess work out of early SPD space programming. The Planning Compass report gives you a simple area breakdown to start so you can refine your design with the end-users.




Equipment options can be confusing but, have large implications on facility infrastructure design and space requirements. The Belimed Compass report gives you clear guidance on benefits and savings for each major option so they can be planned in from the start.