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Spare Parts Support

Our customers count on Belimed Prevent™ to provide total support through multiple service plans and options to help ensure equipment is properly and regularly maintained and serviced, maximizing uptime and productivity.

Our highly skilled, experienced technicians are more familiar than anyone else with the technical details of our equipment. In cases of malfunction or breakdown, our service personnel can quickly identify and resolve the problem. Belimed’s team of expert service technicians will help maintain optimal performance over the entire lifetime of your equipment.


Belimed Certified Spare Parts

Belimed uses spare/repair parts order history analytics to determine, and continually adjust, local service technician inventory. This means your service technician is likely to have the Belimed certified parts needed for routine repairs on-hand to get you up and running again quickly.

If you are using an internal or third-party service provider, you can use our Spare Parts Order Form for the timely delivery of replacement parts.

#Preventive Maintenance Kits (PM Kits)

Preventive Maintenance Kits (PM Kits)

We have developed equipment-specific PM Kits based upon order history analytics to best meet customer needs. Each kit contains the necessary certified spare parts to help facilitate scheduled or corrective maintenance of your Belimed equipment. These packaged kits help simplify and standardize our service offer by enabling significantly faster execution, preventing the possibility of unexpected downtime and high maintenance costs.


If you are not currently taking advantage of one of Belimed's Service Plans, you can request scheduled deliveries for PM Kit packages held in inventory. This means that the service packages required for regular maintenance are always available and meet Belimed maintenance requirements outlined in our manuals. You will benefit from timely availability of the parts your internal or third-party service provider will need and a price advantage for purchasing the service packages.

#Service & Maintenance Plans

Service Plans

Belimed Prevent™, offers three flexible service and maintenance plans to help keep our customer’s equipment running. Designed to create value over the equipment life by optimizing operational and financial performance, our service plans range from basic preventive maintenance and repairs to all-inclusive packages.


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