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Water Quality Monitoring

To ensure facility water quality is within the accepted ranges outlined by AAMI TIR 34, Belimed Prevent™ water sample monitoring tests for nine critical water characteristics. Water characteristics outside of satisfactory ranges can affect instrument quality, equipment performance, and cleaning outcomes.

Our Promise

Belimed Prevent arms you with the knowledge needed to understand your water quality and compliance to guidelines. This approach helps ensure that problems related to water quality are addressed in a timely manner or prevented before they occur.

Water quality testing is recommended two to three times a year to monitor water changes that occur seasonally. The water is tested and a customized report is created for facility review. The report includes recommendations to ensure the highest possible water quality compliance.

The Right Skills

A trained Belimed employee comes to your facility and coordinates collecting and shipping of water samples for detailed laboratory testing.

The Right Tools

A sample kit for capturing facility cold and hot water and pure water is provided for quick and simple water sample collection with no disruption to your department.

The Right Solutions

Samples are taken two or three times a year based on your environment and schedule to address changes that occur during different weather conditions

The Right Information

A detailed, personalized water quality report is created by a Belimed technical expert. The report provides water characteristic results, recommendations for improvements and consequences if water quality does not improve.