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Clinical Education

Clinical Support & Engagement

The world of medical device reprocessing and surgical operations not only requires skills and dedication, but also expertise. Belimed understands by having a team of experts, we can provide your CSSD with valuable insight and real-life experiences. Our goal is to instill Clinical Confidence within your team of healthcare professionals, by promoting quality education.

The processes in sterile processing are intricate, time consuming and detailed. Whether a new project, or a renovation, we know what it takes to form consistency in your workflow. We are here to help your team identify opportunities and ensure sustainability post installation.

Clinical Education Plan

Are you looking for innovative ways to structure your CSSD or are you have challenges with identifying opportunities and in search of a fresh set of eyes who can help you to build an education plan? We have solutions that can help you with clinical education in a variety of ways, from on site assessment tools to guidance through our partnerships that can provide endless clinical expertise and consulting help.

#Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

When renovating a department or incorporating a new process it is critical that compliance be incorporated along the way. Belimed understands the importance of guidelines, standards and regulations and want to ensure these are at the forefront of every project. Quality patient care revolves around the basis of compliance.

#Go-Live Support from Planning to Installation

Go-Live Support from Planning to Installation

As Engineers of Confidence, Belimed ensures the go live process will be safe and seamless, by supporting your department through the planning phase, installation, implementation, and support through the life cycle of the equipment. Our experienced team can help you during the planning phase through education, and clinical expertise.

#Implementation & Review

Implementation & Review

Every CSSD might not have the resources available to create an education plan that meets their unique needs. Allow our Clinical Educator to collaborate with your team to create a plan of action that can is sustainable, through in-services, CEU’s and clinical assessments. We can even help ensure your policies and procedures are reflecting the recent changes and ready for survey.

#Certification Preparation

Certification Preparation

Clinical Confidence is built based on real information, accurate data and an understanding the clinical team that makes up the department. Whether your department needs competency support, educational resources to promote certification, we have the resources to help you prepare with a plan of action.