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Engaging In-Services

Looking for hands on training for your Belimed reprocessing equipment, don't worry our team is here to support yours. With competency verification checklists, we can provide your CSSD with the resources and tools to stay compliant and build up your staff's education portfolios. Our easy to use start up guides are great for training and provided step by step details on the proper utilization of the equipment.

In-Person Support and Interactive Training

Whether your CSSD is looking for answers to questions, or simply a refresher training on the reprocessing equipment our local support team is dedicated to each territory and can come and complete in-person training across all shifts to fit your CSSD’s unique needs and schedule.

#Automation and Mechanical Washers

Automation and Mechanical Washers

We are here to help your CSSD team understand how to utilize automation properly, loading and unloading the mechanical washer racks and even the maintenance needed to keep your equipment lasting longer. Proper cycle selection is key when it comes to your inventory, and we want to make sure you have the proper training to utilize your equipment.

#Cart Washer and Ultrasonics

Cart Washer and Ultrasonics

Our team wants all CSSD professionals to understand the importance of proper cleaning parameters. From proper loading of washer racks to proper selection of cycles. We can also prepare your team to process your unique inventory in the proper ultrasonic tray.

#Reprocessing Sinks & Prep Tables

Reprocessing Sinks & Prep Tables

Our reprocessing sinks are ergonomically friendly as well as our prep tables. Belimed wants to ensure your team understands how to utilize these devices to ensure the most efficient workflow and providing a safe working environment for the CSSD. 

#Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization Equipment

There are so many regulations and guidelines when it comes to monitoring and sterilizing medical devices. We make sure during training that your CSSD understands proper cycle selection, loading capacities of the racks, and safely running the sterilizer. We want to ensure your reprocessing team is confident in the products they are providing for patients undergoing procedures.

#Workflow Products

Workflow Products

We can offer your team a variety of training opportunities when it comes to our workflow products. From properly loading a case cart, to the use of our drying cabinets or chemistry. We have detergent pumps that require calibration, and we are happy to train your team all the important steps in using our Belimed products.